How often should I have my appliance inspected?

Yearly, at the begining of the season would be ideal.

Making sure that your appliance is running in a safe and efficient condition only makes cents!

Should I leave the pilot light on?


Yes. Leaving the pilot light lit keeps the venting system warm & helps prevent cold down drafts.

It also helps minimize condensation, decreasing the chance of water mark streaks appearing on your fireplace window.

Also, prevent's spiders from getting into your pilot assembly!

Can I add a remote control to my fireplace?
Most gas fireplace's can have a remote control installed, but not all.
The best advice is to ask our technician whether or not you can have one installed while they are preforming service on your fireplace.
Carbon Monoxide detectors, where to position them?

As C.O is slightly lighter then air, we recommend having ceiling mounted C.O detector's on each floor of your home. When your appliance has fired it creates heat which rises, causing a higher chance that C.O will head towards the ceiling before cooling off and hovering in the event of a venting failure.

Usually, where a smoke detector is located is a great place for a C.O detector.

How do I light my pilot? What make is my appliance?

Appliances have rating plates that are located usually where the controls are hidden. Rating plate's will label the make, model and serial number of the appliance.

In the same general location, instructions on how to light your pilot will be present, sometimes attached to a small chain. Remember some appliances don't have standing pilot's so be sure to confirm this first.




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