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Lighting your gas fireplace

How you can light your gas fireplace, its simple.

Before getting started, your fireplace manual should have these instructions located below the bottom louver. Also you can check online for your manufacturers lighting instructions.

These steps are to help guide you by following manufacturers instructions.

1. Look for your control valve located usually under the bottom louvers of the trim work around your gas fireplace. It will have the words PILOT, OFF and ON written on a knob that can be a variety of colours including black the most common.

2. Position the knob to match the small indicator with the word pilot.

(Indicator can be a little arrow or teardrop painted white, red or not painted at all.

3. Now you should be able to press in the knob with one thumb and with your other hand located and press the ignitor while continuing to hold down the pilot knob.

4. Establish a pilot flame.

5. Slowly after 30 secs to a minute, let go of pressing down on the pilot knob.

6. Pilot flame should be still lit without the need of holding down pilot knob.

7. Turn gas knob, currently set on PILOT, to the ON position and wait 5 mins in order for the unit to energize before trying to turn on the fireplace.

8. Go make yourself a coffee, not too much sugar otherwise weight gain may happen.

9. Turn on your fireplace with either thermostat, remote or wall switch.

10. If you have any trouble with these steps don't go crazy, you may actually have an issue that needs to be repaired by a professional like us.

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